Sunday, June 29, 2014

White stoles: mountains, rainbow, crosses

I created a new panel of three stole designs that are primarily white. 

One features a mountain-themed image that uses the colors of various liturgical seasons, so it would be appropriate for year-round use. It includes words from Isaiah 52:7: "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who announces peace." The mountain design is set into a Gothic arch. The image is based on a photograph of Longs Peak in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.

One features a subtle, shimmering rainbow. The colors are in bands, using a celtic design for the trinity. 

One is decorated with the intricately intertwined lines of a celtic cross, printed in a charcoal gray color.

Like my other stole panels, these are designed as cut-and-sew clergy stoles--the shape and pattern for sewing them in printed onto the fabric. In sewing them, it is easy to shorten the length to fit the wearer, by simply cutting the bottom portion off. Two of them may be sewn back-to-back to create a reversible stole, or each may be sewn onto a backing fabric of your choice. (I used white Kona cotton, and mid-weight fusible interfacing.) My sewing instructions are posted here. **Please note that after sewing the front and back together, you will want to trim all of your seams to remove any of the printed color that marks the cutting lines in the design.

I designed these as the kind of simple, elegant stole that would be wonderful for weddings or funerals. (I find I often want something with simple elegance for funerals and weddings.) The mountain one, because of its use of green, red and purple, is also suitable for any season of the liturgical calendar.

Order the fabric here. Please note: this fabric is designed to print full-size on the organic sateen fabric!! 

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